This week in the GAC  
  By Guillermo Rocha Aguayo - — September, 25th 2014  

In the last two weeks we have been very busy in the Liceo del Valle. Not only did students have exams, but they also had the opportunity to develop a variety of skills in all the different modules.

With the GAC we aim to help students work effectively with others in teams/groups. For this reason a number of in-class and independent tasks were carried out in which students worked with their peers to produce and present projects and written assignments.

Students also used mathematical ideas and techniques to make calculations and solve problems. In Science II we are working on planning and implementation of a scientific investigation. We want students to apply study skills and strategies to enhance learning in a self-directed manner. Students have begun and will continue with tasks that aim to develop their use of effective oral and written communication to present information.

In English, students are working on the proper use of conjunctions.

In the Business module, students had the opportunity to define what a business is and describe the different classifications of businesses. 

I would like to congratulate all of you for your hardwork and dedication.