Information April 2016  
  By Guillermo Rocha Aguayo - — April, 13 2016  
  Currently, the GAC students are working on different projects aimed at developing their language skills and competencies.
In tenth grade, the students are working on essay on endangered species. In the Computing class, the students will make a Powerpoint presentation using the information from their research. Students will use this presentation to do individual oral presentations in their English class. In the module on Communication Skills, students are learning about problem-solving. They will be doing a group-role play where they will be required to use problem-solving skills. In the Math module, students are working on a project which requires the use of trigonometry concepts. This project will be completed in a month.

In eleventh grade, the students are doing individual oral presentations. The presentations are recorded and students are given feedback on their performance. In the Computing module, the students are preparing themselves for an in-class test. The aim of the test is to evaluate students’understanding of key computing concepts. In the Science module, the students are doing research on scientific advances. Students will use this information to write a scientific report. In the Social Science module, students are doing secondary-research on culture paradigms. Students will use the information and prepare a report. This report is due in two weeks.

In twelfth grade, the second generation of GAC students are working on a seminar presentation in their English class. This presentation will be recorded and students will be given feedback. In the Computing module, the students are working on elaborating a website. Students will do presentations and this presentation will also be recorded. In the Science module, students are working on a scientific report on environmental issues. They are also being prepared to do an in-class test aimed at evaluating understanding of key science concepts covered in class.

I would like to congratulate the following students for enrolling in the ACT preparation course:

Edmundo Aviña
Miguel Ledezma
Miguel Rodriguez
Héctor Méndez
Pablo Camarena
Jaime Preciado
Luis Mayagoitia
Gustavo Villa
Francisco de Asis

The test enrollment deadline is May 6, 2016. Students will be doing the test on June 11, 2016 in the Instituto Cultural located on Enrique Diaz de Leon, across from the Expiatorio. Good luck to all of you.