Welcome to the School Year 2017-2018

On behalf of all the Liceo del Valle teachers, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the Liceo del Valle students and families to this new school year. I hope that through your effort and perseverance you are able to reach all your goals.

In the Liceo del Valle, the implementation of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) has contributed to a significant development of the language skills and competencies of our students. Last year, the third generation of Liceo del Valle students graduated from the certification process and the results obtained in the TOEFL demonstrated significant advances in their English-language proficiency.

This year we will continue working alongside all non-GAC teachers to help you acquire the skills and competencies you will need to be successful not only in high school but also at the university level.

We are looking forward to the many opportunities that arise this year to grow as responsible, productive and happy members of our community and country. We welcome all the challenges we confront as stepping stones to further growth and development.

God bless you and have a great year.


Guillermo Rocha Aguayo

GAC Coordinator
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Lewis-Clark State College

We were happy to have with us Stephen Arnold from Lewis-Clark State College. Students were able to ask questions about enrollment requirements and costs.

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Waterloo University

We were very pleased to have with us a representative from the Canadian Consulate who talked to us about studying and living in Canada and a representative from the University of Waterloo who provided us with valuable information about studying in their prestigious university.

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This week in the GAC

In the last two weeks we have been very busy in the Liceo del Valle. Not only did students have exams, but they also had the opportunity to develop a variety of skills in all the different modules.

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gac parents chat

This week we had the opportunity to chat about the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) with some of the parents whose kids study here in the Liceo del Valle in 10th grade.

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Currently, the GAC students are working on different projects aimed at developing their language skills and competencies.

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