The Liceo del Valle Bicultural English Program

The bicultural English program in the Liceo del Valle aims to develop not only our students’ language skills, but also create an awareness and appreciation of other cultures that will allow our students to act, communicate and interact respectfully and responsibly with people with other customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Each stage of our program is structured and adapted according to the developmental stages of our students’ needs and personal interests.

In Elementary School, our program is reading based with a natural approach to learning. Students participate actively in the creation of their knowledge base as well as their English proficiency skills. In this stage we aim to create an interest and motivation in our students to learn English. We understand that this stage is critical in developing our student’s fluency and pronunciation skills.

In Middle School, our program focuses more on structure. Students learn about syntax, semantics, and other fine points of the English language. Students also increase their tier 1 and tier 2 vocabulary. At the same time, students continue to develop the four general skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In High School, the focus is on skills development and critical thinking. Students practice tier two and tier three vocabulary. Students participate in activities and discussions using real-world issues and problems.

At all levels we aim to develop our students critical thinking, problem-solving, social-emotional skills, creativity, teamwork, and foster their individual interests and goals in life.


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