Core Liceo

Parents, Teachers and Alumni

Today hundreds of our Alumni are Liceo parents who have chosen to share their family project with us, with the certainty of knowing that their children will forge lasting relationships from which dreams, projects and commitments to transform society will be born. No one really leaves. The door is always open.



The Learning and Research Resource Center at Liceo del Valle opened its doors in September 2013. It is a modern and technological space designed to support the formative model of the institution and expand the cultural horizon of our parents, teachers and students. It is an open door to reading, creativity, art, recreation, reflection and study.

The CRAI has different specialized areas to meet the needs of our community. It has specific spaces for Elementary, Middle and High school; informal reading area, meeting rooms and teachers' lounge. Individual and team work and reading areas, multipurpose room, gallery and multimedia room. Each of these areas is designed to foster a creative and intellectual experience.

We also have a reading garden, an art patio, gallery and even a café, open to welcome students, parents and teachers alike. With a projected capacity of more than 60,000 books and access to libraries and databases around the world, the CRAI is an endless well of information, research and literature. At CRAI, reading is not taught: it is contagious.

CRAI also houses reading and cultural programs, as well as technological and multimedia activities and resources. It is a must-see for all our visitors and a vital development space for all our teachers and students.

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The Parents' Association (APA**) is the usual means by which parents get involved in the school life of the school, being an integrating part among the different families of the institution. It is possible to collaborate voluntarily belonging to some commission (Formation, Liaison, Sports, Coexistence, Social Work or Operative), being a couple coordinator of section or Couples in charge of group (Meg's***).

The main objective of the members of Family Collaboration is to watch over the good environment of the families of the school, as well as to be a support in the different problems that may arise. It is an opportunity to cultivate new and great friendships. "Helping children to grow as a family is a fun and fascinating job".