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Promote and develop activities aimed at forming parents, principals, teachers and employees to educate our students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, in the virtues and in the creation of a conscience of service, having as an integrating center of this job the school work; supported by the dissemination of a clear doctrine, in the application of cutting-edge technologies and a real congruence of life.


To be the best educational institution that seeks to collaborate with parents in their right to educate their children integrally, forming people with character and a professional and Christian vision of life, enlightened by the Catholic faith, this last one entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, and with the capacity to influence society and face the global environment that surrounds them.


Our 4 pillars



There is no more perfect environment for the integral development of a child's personality than a united family. Children, above all, learn and form their own character from the example of their own parents.

Liceo del Valle is a school formed by families who share a common project: the education of their children in human virtues and academic excellence.


Happiness in Demanding

The greatest victory is overcoming oneself. It is not only the theoretical or technical knowledge that makes us a high level institution, but the daily and constant struggle to build character, to aspire for more and not to choose the easy path.

At Liceo del Valle we live every day a demand that does not aspire to form children of blind obedience, but fully free human beings, capable of facing the challenges that the world poses.


Sanctity in the Ordinary

Recognition, awards and personal achievements are of little use if they are not framed in a human environment of humility and dedication to others, and in a true affection for the Church and for souls.

Holiness is a fundamental aspiration of every Christian, and a grace that is received in the struggle of each day, with the little things, in the small victories or in the great defeats.


360° Formation

Complete young people, in one piece, are achieved through the impulse of all their powers: intellectual, spiritual, physical and social. At Liceo del Valle we aspire to form whole people who are capable of facing challenges and transforming their environment in a proactive way; who develop their personal talents to put them at the service of great causes.

Whether in the math classroom or on the soccer field; in the lab or in the library; in a Spanish test or at the rest game, the Liceo student reveals his congruent character and his constant willingness to be better, to give himself to others and to aspire for more.


Our History


The Liceo del Valle began in September 1975. The promoters invited Dr. Alfredo Novo to be the director, who was in charge of finding teachers and preparing the premises. It began with two high school classes, second and third, with six students in each. Since 1978, the Liceo del Valle has been responsible for the care of elementary and middle school students.

Since the foundation of the school, personalized education has been practiced, trying to treat each student differently, because of their different qualities and abilities, in an unequal manner to that of their peers, seeking to develop their faculties, skills and competencies to the maximum. To achieve this, in addition to the curricula and learning activities, each student is personally attended by a Preceptor who, in close relationship with the parents, is in charge of training and academic guidance. Thanks to the efforts of parents and teaching staff, each student learns to develop critical thinking and to make his own decisions with judgment, rectitude and freedom.

The spiritual care of parents, teachers, administrative personnel and students has been entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei. Enriching this area of the personality allows us to give a transcendent sense to the person, which empowers him/her, elevates him/her to the supernatural order, and allows him/her to reach balance and harmony in the educational process.

Family Environment

Parents, Teachers and Preceptors

At Liceo del Valle, since its foundation, special emphasis has been placed on adequately involving all the members of the students' educational process: parents -the main architects of their children's education-, directors, teaching staff, preceptors.

There is no doubt that the educational responsibility is not only of the teachers, but mainly of the parents. To such a degree this is essential, that according to the expectation that parents have of the future of their children, of their determination to instill in them the meaning of life, the virtues, the Christian values, the school work will be successful. For this reason, at Liceo del Valle we accept the whole family, placing special emphasis on the training of parents through different courses.

In addition, the teaching staff, the second key piece in the formation of the students, receive constant training, since they not only train in academic contents, but also try to provide the students with the integral formation that is offered at the Liceo. Finally, and in function of this scheme, the harmony between the educating team and the involvement of the parties in this arduous and exciting formative task is fundamental.


Medical services


Located next to the Colomos forest, right in the heart of a residential area with excellent security and urban development, the Liceo del Valle extends over a 6 hectare site that houses our academic buildings, green areas and playgrounds, as well as sports facilities for professional size soccer, indoor basketball, volleyball, tae kwon do and athletics.

At Liceo del Valle we are aware of the role technology plays in the lives of our students. That is why all our classrooms are "state of the art", that is, they are equipped with the latest technology available to teachers and students to complement the academic sessions; ergonomic furniture and touch technology cannons.

The new Learning and Research Resource Center (CRAI*) building houses our library, with specialized areas for all sections; reading garden; study rooms and teachers' lounge, multimedia room and roof garden with first class cafeteria service. All of our facilities are designed to facilitate the educational experience and are maintained with care and human tone.

Our New Coat of Arms

The prestige, tradition and status that Liceo del Valle has are difficult to compare with any other school in Guadalajara. An institution whose image, with its deep-rooted roots, both locally and nationally, has gradually fallen behind the emerging competition.

At a graphic level, the shield is modified and strengthens the values of family, security and knowledge and represents them in a simpler and more direct way, creating a communication system coherent with the message of family and growth, Liceo del Valle takes a leap towards a current market, with a fresh image but at the same time institutional and different from its competition. A combination of tradition and validity living under the same roof.

This is the new stage of Liceo del Valle, the union between tradition and vanguard. The boys' school in Guadalajara raises its voice once again to show that it continues to advance, grow and improve.

The prestige, tradition and status that Liceo del Valle has are reflected in its coat of arms. The values and history of the school are reflected in it with the symbols of care and growth.

A symbol not only of the institution, but also a reference that families, teachers and alumni hold close to their hearts.

The lives that have been touched by Liceo del Valle are strongly related to this coat of arms. Tradition, belonging and spirit.


Welcome to Liceo del Valle

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