Catholic Identity

Our educational style rests on several principles that have been a support and guide throughout the years and that perennially stamp their seal on the profile of each of our graduates.

The spirit that animates us is enriched and developed within the Catholic Faith, which accompanies and shapes all our programs. Through a collaboration agreement, Liceo del Valle has entrusted the spiritual formation of our families to the Prelature of Opus Dei.


Family Formation

As has already been noted, Liceo del Valle admits families, not just students. We affirm that it is not enough to educate a student in the classroom. In order to guarantee an integral formation, it is necessary to have a positive impact on their family environment.

For this reason, we have always had intense family training activities that facilitate the development and personal growth of each of its members.


Education for Boys

We know, based on the most modern knowledge in neuroscience, that the differences between the sexes can be used to promote an excellent education.

That is why we have always offered a gender-differentiated education that tends to enhance the characteristics of the male character and facilitates his intellectual and emotional development to make him a better person.

Personalized education

We believe that each of our students and collaborators should be treated as a human being with particular circumstances that make their educational needs unique.

Our programs and activities are designed to be served through a system of personalized education that is also carried out through a close relationship with the families of our students and an individual preceptorship that accompanies the student and enlightens them, not only in their academic life, but also in their family, emotional, spiritual and, eventually, professional life.

More about Precepting

Opus Dei

The spiritual care of parents, teachers, administrative personnel and students has been entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei. Enriching this area of the personality allows us to give a transcendent sense to the person, which empowers him/her, elevates him/her to the supernatural order, and allows him/her to reach balance and harmony in the educational process.

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