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Objective of Precepting

All students are different. We believe that each of our students and collaborators should be treated like a person living through unique circumstances and has particular formative needs.

Our program and activities are designed for personal instruction. In close collaboration with each family, we help our students find clarity, not only in their academic development, but also in their family, affective, spiritual, and professional life.


A Personal Preceptor for Each Student

Families are assigned a preceptor responsible for coordinating the educational development of their son at home and in school.

The designation of each preceptor is conducted through an analysis of the needs of each student. We build upon a relationship of trust and empathy.


The Importance of Precepting

Through a system of personal interviews, unique in Mexico, the preceptor orients the student and the family. There are three interviews with parents every year. The objective is to provide parents feedback regarding the academic and personal development of the student.

The Liceo also provides support for families. We accompany you in the process of educating your sons. This is the value of a person-centered education.